Pirkko Mäkelä-Haapalinna
Artist statement

In my art I search for the tangible surface between the inner world and the observable world. My inten-tion is to bring the meaning and inner essence of everyday life pronounced.

The lights and atmospheres that touch one’s feelings are my subjects. The memories of beholding beauty, empowering experiences, and things that people have an overwhelming relationship with, in-spire my works. I study the core of the identity through the key experiences in the surroundings and environment. I also get ignited when something gets a metaphorical new meaning and scale.

My working process is a combination of the planned one and an intuitive coincidence. ”Chance favors prepared mind.” My aspiration is to give my work a possibility to guide the composing process. I main-ly work with pastel. I am deeply enchanted with the intensity of the colors of pastel chalks. I am fasci-nated by different surfaces varying from pastel boards up to old gray staves of boats, as well as by the immediate contact with the surfaces I am working with. The starting point of my works lies in realism, but I am heading towards simplified abstraction and installations, while working.

Painting is the natural way for me to explain myself and my surroundings and also the holistic under-standing of life and worldview. I endeavor to enhance and refine my working process and its outcomes to reach my best – with all my capacity.