Kuin kallein timanteilla koristeltu peili

This book got its origin on the shores of Lake Kemijärvi, from its waves, colours and lines. The paintings of Pirkko Mäkelä-Haapalinna, the artist, and the writings by the youth of Kemijärvi combine in an elegant way the figures and words, two generations as well as Kemijärvi and the reader of this book.

The book is at the same time a book of visual art and poems, and it transmits the richness of living next to the water to the reader.
There are still some copies left of this book at 30 € prize.


Loota comes from the Swedish word Låda meaning box. These are made out of boards that have witnessed a lot. They come from the villages of Kemijärvi: Javarus, Luusua and Kelloniemi. Some have served as a fence for sheep, some as a barn and others as ladders on the roof of the nowadays desolated house.
Loota is an hommage to the generations before us.
Two similar Lootas does not exist as they are all unique.

Other things

Art can be used also in unconventional subjects. This example is over three meters long pastel painting in the kitchen. It serves also for lighting the working area.


Solum is Latin and means the foundation. This is a high quality and hard covered book that is perfect as a guestbook as well as a diary or a sketchbook. 
Prize of the notebook is 12 €.

Ceiling paintings

The Härkälä Mansion in Southern Finland got some murals and paintings on the sealings. The motive of Tree of Life was found just around the corner where a big, ancient oak was growing.